Thursday, 25 August 2011

Not strictly a beauty product.......

but definitely good for the skin !
I have recently got in to juicing and smoothie making after following Jason Vale's ( The Juice Master ) 3 day detox plan.
I lost 4 pounds in those 3 days and have continued to drink juices or smoothies about twice a day since, one of the benefits I have noticed is that my skin seems brighter, a bit more 'glowing' than before, I put this down to the extra nutrients which I have to admit my diet was seriously lacking before !
Anyway on to my new Vitamix blender, I have known about these for a while, you can learn more here 
basically it is a very powerful blender with a 2 HP motor that allows it to blend whole fruits and veg, the downfall is the price, they are a very expensive piece of kit !!
My old blender was starting to give up on me so I was looking at getting a new one, I was flicking through the shopping channels and noticed that Ideal World had a Vitamix as their pick of the day, it was a refurbished model, so a bit cheaper than usual and on Flexi Pay , yaaay !!!
My wonderful husband treated me to the Brushed Aluminum one as a early Christmas present (for about the next 5 years I think !!).
I have played with it a few times, made a few smoothies  and I'm very impressed !, today I thought I'd have a go at Tomato soup, yes, the friction created by the blades and motor allows you to make hot soups.
The soup was delicious so I thought I'd put the recipe on here in case anyone wanted to try.

Vitamix Tomato Soup
Makes 1 large serving

1 box of chopped tomatoes with garlic and olive oil (or your choice of flavour)
2 Large fresh tomatoes
Quarter of an orange or red pepper
Thin slice of fresh ginger
Splash of soy milk
Handful of unsalted Cashew nuts
About 1 Tbs of tomato sauce
Small piece of a sweet chilli from a jar (optional)

Halve the tomatoes and remove the seeds from the pepper, place everything in the Vitamix , wetter ingredients first.
Start on Variable one, increase speed to 10 then switch to high, blend until hot, I then switch back to variable and reduce the speed until a small vortex appears in the mixture and I can see bubbles, I leave it on this speed for a few moments to allow the bubbles to spin out, I read that this means the liquid is less frothy.
Enjoy a beautiful silky soup.

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