Thursday, 15 March 2012


I hadn't made a card for ages, mostly due to the fact that all my stash had been moved to the garage ! 
But I recently got around to tidying to make my tools etc accessible again, so I decided to make my Mother's Day cards this year, and here they are....

This is the first one I made, I decided to do some quilling as that was also something I hadn't done for ages, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out !
The torn strip of paper is a Pink Petticoat design., I love digital downloads and the Pink Petticoat range come in such an amazing array of colours, the image stamps are beautiful as well !

This is the second card, again a quilled design but a bit more simple this time, you can't see from the picture but there is a trail of glitter between the butterflies, and the edge of the card is finished with faux stitching.
I printed the sentiments on both cards using a font from my computer.
So, there they are, my first attempts at card making in quite some time, but I really enjoyed making them, hope you like them !

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